Welcome to the Regina Photo Club competition web site!

This site is for participating, judging and reviewing the image-competitions organised by the club. For that purpose, the club has licensed PhotoJudge (c), an online software that manages the life-cycle of these competitions from beginning to end. To get started, please refer to the quick instructions below.

For members

Please log in using the menu option on top of the screen. You may log in by providing the email address you registered with the club, and your password. If you log in the first time, or if you forgot your password, please click here and you will receive an email that lets you reset it. Please follow the rules to create a valid password: Password must be at least 8 characters in length and must include at least one upper case letter, one number, and one special character (examples are @#!). Under the function-list, make sure that Member (the default) is selected.

Once you are logged in, you may submit images using the menu option Compete! on top of the screen. A list of available competitions will be presented on that page. You have the option to add each image you submit to your personal gallery on the site, or submit images for your gallery only. On the same page, there is an option to review and remove images submitted to competitions. With every submission you may provide keywords that other members or visitors can use to find relevant images.

The remaining menu-options on top of the screen are to search for particular images using keywords, review completed competitions, or your or other members galleries.

If you have questions regarding the use of this site, please contact Info@RPCCompetitions.ca.

For judges

Please log in using the email and password we have provided to you. Please make sure that Judge is selected (not the default member).

Once you are logged in, please select the menu option Judging on top of the screen. A list of competitions available for judging will be presented. You may judge image by image or use the express function that presents a set of images on one page. You can click on any thumbnail-image presented to view the image in full size. Please note that the image title in the normal judging function will be shown in red if the image has not yet been judged, and shown in green once it has been judged. In the express function, the same applies to the page-numbers shown.

Please make sure your screen is calibrated so that correct colors and brightness will be shown.

If you have questions regarding the use of this site, please contact Info@RPCCompetitions.ca.

For visitors

The Regina Photo Club does not accept image-submissions from non-members at this time. For questions regarding membership in the Regina Photo Club, please contact Membership@RPCCompetitions.ca.

For information on the competition-software, please contact the vendor at info@photojudge.net